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The Columbus Passing League "CPL" is an innovative, safe and effective concept, that will enhance the development of Columbus area young football players. 


CPL is a non-contact football league that will provide youth athletes the opportunities to hone their skills in the passing game outside of the regulation fall football season. 

Rules: American Flag Football Rule Adoption & Elite 7evens 7v7

Eligibility: Entering fall 2020 1st-grade through 8th-grade boys and girls. Adult 18+

Divisions: 1/2, 3/4 grade, 5/6 grade, 7/8 grade, and Adult Men's League

Teams: Minimum 5 players for Flag division & 7 players for 7on7 division. Maximum 12 players. School/Club Coaches are allowed to assemble a team. 

Youth League: 6 teams per division

Adult League: 8 teams

Youth League: Individual player registration is considered "Free Agents" and teams assembled by the CPL will consist of "Free Agents"

Adult League: Team registration only. 

Registration:  February 16, 2021 - April 15th, 2021


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE *subject to change*

Games: April 25, May 2, May 9, May 16, May 23                               

Practices: Teams are allowed to practice in designated areas 30 minutes prior to their game(s). Coaches can organize (2) practices during the week voluntarily


Equipment: Mouthpiece, Cleats to be worn at all times. No pads -  Soft Shell helmet is optional, but encouraged. Flags will be issued to each team prior to the game and returned to the CPL staff after each game.


Cost: Individual "Free Agent" Early Registration Fee: 1/2 Grade $40.00 After 3/10/21 $50.00 | Team Fee $500.00

3/4 5/6 7/8 Grade $65.00 After 3/10/21 $75.00 (Youth Only)    | Team Fee  $650.00

Adult Teams: $650


Q. Where will games be played?

A. Games will be played at Blackwell Park, 1550 Whitney Ct., Columbus, Indiana


Q. Where and When are practices?

A. Teams can practice 30 minutes prior to games on Sundays in designated areas. Coaches can hold up to 2 practices on their own time throughout the week. Coaches are responsible for finding their own practice location. 


Q. Who will be the coaches and how do you become a coach?

A. We encourage parents and local youth coaches to volunteer. A parent or coach can organize a team. We also need volunteer coaches for teams organized of "Free Agents" by the CPL board.


Q. What does my league fee cover?

A. Each "Free Agent" player will be issued a game shirt. If you choose the option to purchase a soft shell helmet, your child will receive a CPL licensed protective headgear. Teams that register are provided with (12) custom uniforms.


Q. When and what time do games start?

A. League games begin on April 25, 2021, and will follow every Sunday through May 23, 2021. The games will start at 1:00pm.


Q. What equipment will my child need?

A. The CPL 7v7 league is non-contact. Traditional tackle football equipment (helmet, shoulder pads, etc) is not needed. Although a mouthpiece is required. We highly recommend the use of a soft-shell helmet. The type of shoe is optional, but we do play on grass and turf.

Q. Can parents/fans attend games?

A. The CPL will abide by and adhere to all Indiana and local health official mandates in regard to Covid-19 protocol and guidelines. If spectators are permissible, we will allow them. 

Q. Are you doing any health screenings prior to participation?

A. Prior to entering the facility, every player, coach, and staff member will receive a temperature check, and asked a set of Covid-19 questions, and asked to comply with the face-covering mandate set by the state.

Youth League Registration (Individual)

Individual registration designates the athlete as a "Free Agent". The player will be placed on a team, selected by the CPL board. Jersey will be provided.

Youth League Registration (Team)

CLUB/SCHOOL Coaches register your team(s). Minimum of 7 players required. Maximum of 12 players on each team. Team(s) receive 12 custom uniforms.

Adult Men's League Registration (Team)

Team manager register your team(s). Minimum of 7 players required. Maximum of 12 players each team. Team(s) are responsible for team uniforms and footballs.


Mail-in Registration

PO Box 318

Columbus, IN 47202

Any Questions? Email

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